Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do products cost the same on your site as they do if I order directly?

Yes, the price you pay when you order from Cayco Reps is the same price you'd pay if you ordered directly from one of our manufacturers. 

How is shipping handled?

Each manufacturer will ship your products directly to you via Fed Ex, UPS or USPS from their specific FOB. Occasionally, a trucking service may be engaged to deliver larger orders.

You will be charged shipping by each manufacturer that ships to you. The shipping charge will be shown on the manufacturer's invoice sent to you with your order. Your Cayco Reps' invoice will not list the shipping charges of the manufacturers.

Are prices up-to-date?

Yes. We strive to keep our website up-to-the-minute accurate. However, occasionally we may not be informed of a price change, or the manufacturer may be in the process of changing prices. Thus, prices are subject to change without notice.

Is your site secure?

Credit card information is encrypted using SSL, a standard encryption method used by banks and other trusted websites. Credit card information is never stored on our website or in a database on the server. Credit card information is encrypted using PGP and can only be decrypted with a secret key.

We took great care when designing our site to make sure we had the highest level of security to keep our customers' information safe. You can rest assured that your information is safe.

How do I find my order history?

Look at the banner near the top of the page — your Shopping Cart is right of the middle and Favorites and My Account info will appear on the right of the page.

Click on "My Account" to access your order history. 

Will you drop ship?

Yes, Cayco Reps can drop ship items. Please email us at if you'd like a copy of our Manufacturers' That Drop Ship list which includes drop ship fees. Drop ship orders cannot be placed via our website. Please place drop ship orders with your Cayco Rep or via email to

Can I have Net 30 terms on orders?

Net 30 terms are available for web orders ONLY for customers who have already established net 30 terms with each specific manufacturer.

If you'd like to request Net 30 terms, please email us at and we will send you a credit application. Note: Most of our manufacturers require that a retailer has been in business for one year before requesting terms.

Are C.O.D. terms available?

Yes, you may order C.O.D. You will be charged an additional fee by the manufacturer for C.O.D. orders. The charge will be whatever fee the freight carrier charges the manufacturer for this service.

Are all products on the site available to me?

Unfortunately, in some cases we may not be able to process an order in your area because we don't represent all of our manufacturers in every state.

 If you place an order with a manufacturer that we don't represent in your area, we will process the order then notify you that you will want to direct order that specific line in the future.

What if I only want to buy from Cayco Reps via your website?

We're here to serve you and meet your needs. If you prefer to have a web-only relationship and not be called on by our team, that's fine.

How can I find ecologically friendly and American-made products?

You can find both green and U.S. made products by searching for products in our category section. We strive to find manufacturers that make quality products in the United States and that offer products that are friendly to our environment.